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Hi, I'm Speedy! I've been around with LK for awhile, mostly pestering User:Mercury for help, haha..

But I'm also responsible for some minor and some major edits to Lorekeeper.

Did you know base Lorekeeper loaded description edits in a modal? Yeah, that broke the edit source and preview modals.. I was that guy who came up with the JQuery solution to that. ;)

In general, I raise a bunch of tiny issues (sometimes to Mercury's annoyance), but I also help in general development.

I also developed a lot of methods of hiding stuff! Good for future CS development you don't want public yet!! :)

Anyway, I've been very busy lately, but I try to do some minor things here and there. Expect more from me! :D

Personal details

  • Technical admin for the Realm of Mynros, a closed species ARPG centered around Mhoats and the lands of Mynros which they call home.
  • Owner and Co-Founder of the Syntax Partnership, a game development team that is currently focusing on fangames, primarily Mega Man Uprising!


All extensions I've developed. Categorized below in Active, Core and Depreciated.

Active Extensions

All of these extensions are currently active and under my watch. If problems arise with any of these, please let me know.

Core Extensions

All of these extensions are part of LK v3. Some have legacy versions, indicated thus.

Depreciated Extensions

Extensions that no longer serve any purpose. Their page exists merely as informational