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Hi, I'm Speedy! I've been around with LK for awhile, mostly pestering User:Mercury for help, haha..

But I'm also responsible for some minor and some major edits to Lorekeeper.

Did you know base Lorekeeper loaded description edits in a modal? Yeah, that broke the edit source and preview modals.. I was that guy who came up with the JQuery solution to that. ;)

In general, I raise a bunch of tiny issues (sometimes to Mercury's annoyance), but I also help in general development.

I also developed a lot of methods of hiding stuff! Good for future CS development you don't want public yet!! :)

Anyway, I've been very busy lately, but I try to do some minor things here and there. Expect more from me! :D

Personal details

I am the Technical admin for the Realm of Mynros!

Extensions I've developed