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Description Adds a working clock to the site!
Author(s) Speedy
Status stable
Github extension/LiveClock
LK Version 2.0.0

Adds a working clock to the site! By default, this will ONLY replace the static clock on the dashboard..

But you can add clocks wherever you want! Highly suggested to put it on the footer.

This extension uses Javascript and JQuery for it's live updates.

Thanks, as always, to Mercury!


Pull the extension branch and push to your site. Will replace the default clock on the dashboard, so be wary of conflicts if your dashboard is modified. Don't forget to run php artisan update-extension-tracker!


No configuration necessary. LiveClock bases the time on your Lorekeeper timezone.


Simply put the following in any location you want a clock: {!! LiveClock() !!}

Optionally, add the following in front of the LiveClock line to get a little clock icon in front:

<i class="far fa-clock"></i>


I'm Speedy#4060 on Discord, but please do not contact me directly. Instead, please tag me in the Lorekeeper server if you need my help. I am not a regular there, so asking something without a tag might not get a response.


See Also

Alternatively, you could try Newt's Mini Clock extension, which was in fact the inspiration for this little project.