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Kitchen Sink Index
Description Adds a visual index for every trait. Yes, everything AND the kitchen sink!
Author(s) Speedy
Status stable
Github extension/kitchen-sink-index-2.1
LK Version 2.1.3

You should be fine to use this extension while still on v2.1.3, but do NOT use it on v3!

Adds a visual trait index similar to the Extensions:Species_Trait_Index and Extensions:Universal_Trait_Index.. except it shows EVERY SINGLE TRAIT.


Pull the extension branch and push to your site. That's it!

Don't forget to run php artisan update-extension-tracker!


No configuration necessary.


In the /world or Encyclopedia section of your Lorekeeper, you will now find the 'All Traits Index' on both the main page and sidebar.

Simply click either link to find this section.

Note that in v3 you can make traits non-visible. This extension currently DOES NOT SUPPORT HIDDEN TRAITS, and will make them visible.


Create a new thread in the #general-help channel of the Discord!

You can always try tagging me (see my user page), as I'm semi-active on the server, but a new thread is your best bet.


Version History

  • *1: Initial creation.
  • *2: Forgot links on the index and sidebar.
  • *3: Forgot to remove the visible option for traits, which is a v3 function I accidentally left in.
  • *4: Forgot to add subtypes, which is useful for species-exclusive traits.
  • *5: Forgot to remove the visible option for categories, which is a v3 function I accidentally left in.

(This extension has never had a tracker update. I will start one once I make a v3 version. All removed v3 functions will of course be added back in then.)

See Also

Extensions:Species_Trait_Index and Extensions:Universal_Trait_Index, the progenitors of this extension. This extension is basically the exact same as having both at once.