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Subtype Trait Index
Description Provides a visual index of traits associated with a given subtype.
Author(s) Speedy
Status stable
Github Not Applicable
LK Version Unspecified
Is part of LK v3.0.0's release

Provides for a visual index of traits associated with a given subtype, similar to the Species Trait Index extension.


Simply update Lorekeeper. It is part of the develop branch as per June 5th 2024, and will eventually be part of proper updates.


In the config/lorekeeper/extensions.php file, find:

    /*  Visual Trait Indexes
     *  Species Trait Index - Mercury
     *  Subtype Trait Index - Speedy
     *  Universal Trait Index - CHERVB
     *  Trait Modals addition - Moif

Under 'visual_trait_index' => look for the the following options:

'enable_subtype_index' => 0 Set this to 1 to enable the Subtype Trait Index. It will appear on the Encyclopedia, on the subtypes page, under the name of each subtype, provided there is a trait exclusive to that subtype.


There is a switch on the top right of the page labelled "Add Species traits". If the switch is flipped to On and the Refresh button is pushed, the page will refresh showing other traits from the species that lack a subtype. In essence, the Subtype Trait Index will then show any trait a specific subtype should technically be able to have.

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