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Submission Addons
Description Allows attachment of items and currencies to submissions for consumption
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable
Github itinerare/lorekeeper-ext-archive/submission-addons
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

This extension is now incorporated into modified-main . The information here is maintained as documentation, and further support is via that branch.

This builds upon Extensions:Stacked Inventories! Not only is much credit due there, it also bears mention that the changes made there are necessarily included in this extension.

This adds the option for users to attach items and currencies to submissions (both via prompts and claims) to be consumed. As with design updates and trades, items are only temporarily "held" and are returned if the submission is rejected. In the event that the submission is accepted, the usual item logs are made both for any awarded and any consumed items, and record of the attached item(s) remains visible on the submission's page-- including source and notes. Currencies, meanwhile, are deducted when attached and returned if the submission is rejected or fully logged if it is accepted.

Now also includes the changes from Extensions:Rewardable Raffle Tickets for the sake of compatibility-- and as they are both reasonably within both the realm of changes made by this extension and scarcely deviating from base Lorekeeper, save for the use of functionality present in Extensions:Stacked Inventories.


None necessary.


Nothing specific.


If you encounter errors, please find me in the Lorekeeper discord!


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