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Rewardable Raffle Tickets
Description Enables rewarding of raffle tickets via prompts and boxes.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable
Github itinerare/lorekeeper-ext-archive/rewardable-raffle-tickets
LK Version Unspecified
Is part of LK v2 (modified-main)

This extension is now incorporated into modified-main . The information here is maintained as documentation, and further support is via that branch.

This builds upon Extensions:Stacked Inventories! Not only is much credit due there, it also bears mention that the changes made there are necessarily included in this extension. However, most of the inner workings are present in base Lorekeeper, so it would not be difficult to convert back if desired.

Enables selection of raffle tickets as a rewardable type for prompts and boxes. Users can also use claims to claim raffle tickets. Technically speaking, most of the internal mechanisms were already in place; this has just made them available for use.

This extension has also been incorporated into Extensions:Submission Addons-- this page and the accompanying branch remains as a record and reference, however.


None necessary.


When editing a prompt or box tag, select a raffle to award tickets for. Note that by default, only raffles that have not been rolled yet and are active can be selected. This does disable rewarding of tickets for a rolled raffle, and deselects from prompts, but does not fully automatically update. It is recommended to have prompts close and cease distribution of ticket "boxes" before rolling the raffle they award tickets for.


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