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Prompt Limits
Description Add a limit to how many times a user can submit a prompt, set by admins.
Author(s) Junijwi
Status stable
Github prompt-limits
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

Adds the option to set limits on prompts. These limits can be set for all time or a limited time (ex: # of times a week), and whether to be per-user or per-character.


Pull the branch, push, and run php artisan migrate.

Be careful with merging conflicts if you installed or tweaked anything around submissions or prompts areas. I cannot recommend you install this extension unless you are confident about merging, OR if you have backups created just beforehand. This is not a destructive extension, but deals with vital parts of lorekeeper (submissions and prompts).

As a note for anyone who installed the Sep Prompts extension, you'll have to copy the code from _prompt_entry.bladephp (in World) to the one in _prompt_entry.blade.php (in Prompts) since it doesnt exist in vanilla LK


Go into a prompt's settings to add its limits.


Note that the 'per character' cap is soft-- while I could code in to check every character's submissions, this does not account for character cameos. If a prompt is once per character, and a user has two characters, then draws one prompt with two characters, it would count it as if it was both characters having used up their prompt...! If anyone has an idea to work around this logic, please feel free to contact me.


Feel free to @ me in the discord (Juni#0448) for any issues. I did my best to do testing in as many areas as possible, but it's possible I may have overlooked something.

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