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Separate Prompts
Description Puts prompts in a separate section of the site.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable
Github itinerare/lorekeeper-ext-archive/sep-prompts

This extension is now incorporated into modified-main . The information here is maintained as documentation, and further support is via that branch.

This moves prompts out of the "world" section of the site and into their own section. The reasons for doing this were twofold:

  • Their original location, while serviceable, is somewhat awkward, especially if you're doing a lot with the prompts system
  • With prompts moved into their own section of the site, this allows space to build out a sidebar that better details the range of activities they cover.
  • For instance, sidebar links may each point to a list of prompts contained in a certain category-- for example, one for utilities, one for events, ones for different kinds of activities-- the list goes on.

You could also certainly do something interesting with the index page as well... It's left largely a blank slate modeled after the world section's index page.

In short, it's mostly useful if you're doing a whole lot with the prompts system and would benefit from more organization around it.


Change the existing link to prompts in the navigation bar to point to /prompts rather than /world. This is not done by the extension itself as individual site's navbars may be wildly disparate.


This creates a new folder, prompts, in resources/views; at minimum, it's recommended to customize the sidebar.


While it ought to be mostly stable, I'll not rule out that issues could arise. If they do, I'm available via the Lorekeeper discord!

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