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Character Warnings
Description Allows users to add warnings to characters
Author(s) redcr0wz
Status stable
Github extension/character-warnings
LK Version 2.1.3
Contains a Migration

Allows users to add warnings to characters, akin to Toyhouse's warning pages. Useful in case you have designs on your website that need warning, such as gory or body horror designs.


  • Pull the branch
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Run php artisan migrate
  • Run php artisan update-extension-tracker
  • Run php artisan optimize twice
  • Enjoy ^_^


The warning image is the content warning thumbnail in site settings. I suggest making it 200x200 in size.

Adjust the size of the warning pop-up in this line in profile.blade.php. Change the percentage in "width:30%;".

<img src="{ { asset('/images/content_warning.png') } }" style="width:30%;" alt="Content Warning"></img>


Warnings can be added under "Edit Profile".

Users can choose if censored icons and/or pop-up warnings are visible or not for them in their settings, just in case they don't need content warnings.

Please note that this extension does not affect embeds at the moment.


Contact redcrowz on Discord if you encounter any issues! This is my first extension and my coding experience is pretty limited, but I'll do my best!


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