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Selected Character
Description Allows users to select one of their characters for display.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Testing
Github extension/selected-character
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Allows users to pick a "selected"/active character via the My Characters (/characters) page, which will then be displayed on their profile in lieu of the standard character listing. (The latter code is retained, but commented out.) The selected character display is implemented as a widget, and so can be placed elsewhere around the site at will via @include, e.g. @include('widgets._selected_character', ['character' => Auth::user()->settings->selectedCharacter, 'user' => Auth::user(), 'fullImage' => true]) to refer explicitly to the currently logged-in user (for instance on the user dashboard).


Pull the branch; run php artisan migrate and php artisan update-extension-tracker.


The widget as present on the user profile is set to show the character's full image versus the thumbnail. If the thumbnail is preferred, set the "fullImage" variable to false. Likewise for anywhere else you opt to put the widget.


Users can select a character via the My Characters page.



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