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This extension is on Develop and therefore requires Laravel 8 and PHP 7.4.

This extension creates a separate "Awards" system for Lorekeeper based off the existing items/inventory system. Awards are stored in the "Award Case" and also displayed on user profiles.

Description Adds a user "Awards" System to Lorekeeper
Author(s) user:Tgi and user:Preimpression
Status Stable
Github extension/awards
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

History of the Extension

Before the development of Lorekeeper Version 2.0.0 began, the Awards extension was built by User:Tgi. It had been built and separated from an existing LK site which had numerous extensions, such as stacked inventories and item entry expansion. The separation wasn't complete, and led to plentiful bugs for those users who weren't using the extensions.

User:Preimpression took it upon themself to complete the separation and rebase the extension back onto Vanilla Lorekeeper (that is, Lorekeeper V.1.0.0) to allow users who didn't have the remnant extensions to have Awards. It used the original code, which was in fact mostly a clone of extant Items code, and separated out most references to other extensions.

Upon the development of V.2.0.0, extensions began moving over onto the Develop branch on the official lorekeeper github in preparation for the switch to V.2.0.0. At this time, User:Newt took initiative and converted the extension to the in-development version of 2.0.0.


Pull the branch and run the following commands in your console:

php artisan migrate - This adds the applicable database tables and columns.

php artisan update-extension-tracker - This adds the extension to your Credits page.

It is recommended that you read Tutorial: Installing Extensions for MERGING and TROUBLESHOOTING before proceeding.


None required.

Optional: if you'd like to change the names of your awards to something else (i.e. trophies, medals, stickers, etc) you can change the way it's listed in the following blades: resources/views/world/--> award_categories.blade.php, award_page.blade.php, awards.blade.php, index.blade.php

resources/views/user --> _sidebar.blade.php, awardcase.blade.php, profile.blade.php, award_logs.blade.php

resources/views/home --> _sidebar.blade.php, awardcase.blade.php


Currently Awards are only user-specific. Awards are like items: you can make award categories, grant awards, and earn them through prompts and claims, but all awards are account-bound and nontransferable. If an admin accidentally grants an award to wrong user, it has to be deleted.

Character Awards are currently not in development by either User:Tgi nor User:Preimpression.


After pulling, you may run into a bunch of conflicts. If anything seems broken, go into your files and check for <<<<<< HEAD. Git adds these in when there's conflicts or additions to existing files, and they can cause stuff to break. Edit them manually, save, and push, and everything should work great. (To avoid this in the future, in Sourcetree, review your staged files + click on the weird code + press "unstage lines". Saves you a lot of headache.)

For any other issues, please create a ticket on the Lorekeeper discord and ping TGI#5092 or Uri#2154.

See Also

Built using code from Extensions:Stacked Inventories, Extensions:Submission Addons, and Extensions:Item Entry Expansion.