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Traits are used as add-ons to characters that describe their unique features. They can be edited in the admin panel by users with the Edit World Data power.


Traits and trait categories can be created in the admin panel, with the option of restricting them to certain species. Once created, they can be attached to characters and MYO slots.

The character and MYO slot masterlist pages contain options to filter characters by a trait or combination of traits.

Note that in the code, traits are named "features" instead as "trait" is a reserved keyword in PHP.



Editing trait categories and traits requires the Edit World Data power.

Trait categories can be created in the admin panel, with the usual category properties:

  • Name
  • World Page Image
  • Description (accepts HTML)

The image and description are displayed only on the world page. Categories are optional, but allow traits to be listed in a controllable order on the character's page.


Traits themselves have the following properties:

  • Name
    • The trait name which is displayed on the trait index.
  • Rarity
    • The rarity of the trait. This is mostly cosmetic.
  • World Page Image
    • Shown in the encyclopedia, and nowhere else. As with all encyclopedia images, the recommended size is 200 x 200 pixels, but can be any size. It is recommended to use a simple thumbnail image for this image, and elaborate on trait restrictions, reference images etc. in the description area.
  • Trait Category
    • The category to which the trait falls under, and used for organization. It is otherwise optional.
  • Species Restriction
    • Sets the trait to only be available for that particular species, and is optional.
  • Subtype
    • Displays the trait as being associated with a given subtype. This is mostly cosmetic, as it does not impose any restrictions.
  • Description (accepts HTML)
    • a description of the trait for the encyclopedia page.

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