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WYSIWYG Comments
Description Give Lorekeeper's comments TinyMCE functionality
Author(s) CH3RVB
Status stable
Github extension/wysiwyg-comments
LK Version 2.1

Adds TinyMCE textboxes to comment areas on the site. No more markdown! (Also reports have wysiwyg too, just because it felt odd to me that they weren't, so now users can hopefully go a bit more in depth with their reports more easily)


Pull it, handle conflicts, make sure it works! Run php artisan update-extension-tracker

NOTE: Be careful which areas you try to keep and discard. Every edit has been made carefully, so make sure you follow them closely. If you are unsure which parts to keep, check the changes I made here (https://github.com/corowne/lorekeeper/compare/main...CH3RVB:lorekeeper:extension/wysiwyg-comments) to see what was changed or added.

This is especially important in CommentController as messages are parsed now, so HTMLPurifier can protect against malicious code in user comments!





Find me in the LK server as SUPERCOOL if you have issues or questions!


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