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Universal Trait Index
Description A visual index of all non-species (Universal) traits
Author(s) CH3RVB, Mercury (original extension and code)
Status stable
Github extension/universal-trait-index
LK Version 2.0.0

Provides a visual index of traits similarly to Extensions:Species Trait Index, but only displays traits that don't have a species associated to them. Will be helpful in more clearly showing/displaying traits that can be applied to any character regardless of species.

This extension is included in the current develop branch, beyond release/v3.0.0.


Pull the branch, handle any conflicts, and

php artisan optimize

if the trait page or links don't display



For the develop branch version, as per June 5th 2024

In the config/lorekeeper/extensions.php file, find:

    /*  Visual Trait Indexes
     *  Species Trait Index - Mercury
     *  Subtype Trait Index - Speedy
     *  Universal Trait Index - CHERVB
     *  Trait Modals addition - Moif

Under 'visual_trait_index' => look for the the following options:

'enable_universal_index' => 0 Set this to 1 to enable the Universal Trait Index. It will appear on the Encyclopedia sidebar and index page.



No known problems but you should contact me in the discord (SUPERCOOL) if you have any questions


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