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Trait Item Tag
Description Allows you to create items that grant trait(s) if the user attaches it to a design update or myo approval request.
Author(s) Cylunny
Status testing
Github extension/trait-item-tags
LK Version 2.1.3
Contains a Migration

An item tag called "trait" that, when added to an item, allows you to select trait(s) that the item can grant a character. Beware that when installing this extension, users will be unable to freely choose traits on design submissions! The purpose of this extension is to limit the trait choices the user has and to make sure they can only select traits that they own the item for. There are a couple of ways you can configure this to work, such as:

  • One item grants one trait
  • One item grants one trait from a selection of traits
  • One item grants any amount from a selection of traits

It also adds a trait remover item tag, which makes it so users may only remove traits during a design update if they attach a trait remover item. You can also configure if you wish to use such an item, or always let users remove traits freely.

As such, the new work flow using this extension would be something like:

  • User adds trait item to request
  • Trait tab is automatically filled with the trait(s) that the item grants
  • User selects trait from choice, or simply saves the one available trait

If the user removes the trait item, the trait tab will turn red again and show no traits available for choice.


  • pull & deal with merge conflicts
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan optimize x2
  • php artisan add-site-settings
  • php artisan update-extension-tracker


You will want to edit two site settings to your preferences:


0: One item unlocks x traits for selection, and x of them can be chosen. 1: One item unlocks x traits for selection, only one of them can be chosen.


0: No item needed to remove traits via design update. 1: Trait Remover item needed to remove traits via design update.


Simply add the trait or trait remover item tags to your items as needed. Make sure to test if they work as expected by creating some test design requests.


We are never 100% safe from those pesky bugs. If you find something, feel free to contact me- I am cylunny on discord or toyhou.se!


(not at the time :c)

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