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Trade Listings
Description Adds creation and display of trade listings.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable
Github extension/trade-listings
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Adds a trade listing system. Users can enter in comments, preferred method(s) of contact (required), and attach both requested items/currencies/other (not handled by Lorekeeper) goods/services and offered items/characters/currencies/other goods/services. Listings are then displayed for a set duration or until manually marked expired by a user or admin. Listings, both past and present, may be linked and viewed via their id. Expired listings are displayed for the user that created them in a page for reference, but otherwise hidden.

Note that this system only displays the information entered and does not directly interface with the trade system; it is only a means for users to communicate, more or less.

This also adds a field for an optional-but-recommended proof-of-terms link to trades themselves, but does not make any other changes to the trade system.

A combined version with Extensions:Wishlists is also available that adds support for wishlists to listings (under "Seeking"). This version can be found here: extension/trade-listings-wishlists


Pull; run

php artisan migrate


php artisan add-site-settings


Add a link to /trades/listings to your navbar; it is not done automatically to account for the wide variance in navbars across sites.

The duration that trade listings are displayed for can be configured in the site settings admin panel; the default is 14 days/2 weeks.



I can be found in the Lorekeeper discord if any issues arise!


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