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Description Allows users to create wishlists of items
Author(s) Mercury
Status Testing
Github extension/wishlists
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Allows users to create item wishlists, including both a default (always present) wishlist as well as theoretically infinite custom, named wishlists. Items can be added to a wishlist via a button and dropdown present on:

  • Item list in world
  • Shop stock modals
  • Inventory stack modals (both user and character)
  • Publicly viewed wishlists

...and can be edited via the wishlists panel in /home. An item can exist in multiple different wishlists, and count desired can be tracked independently per wishlist as well. Wishlist items can also be moved between wishlists, which moves and/or adds their existing count to the destination wishlist. A user's wishlists can be viewed publicly via their profile. Note that wishlists are not updated automatically, and must be user-managed.

A combined version with Extensions:Trade Listings is also available that adds support for wishlists to it (under "Seeking"). This version can be found here: extension/trade-listings-wishlists


Pull the branch; run php artisan migrate and php artisan update-extension-tracker.






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