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Description Display your collection or favorite things
Author(s) CH3RVB (Extension), Ne-wt(Shop features/pets&shops)
Status testing
Github extension/showcase
LK Version 2.1.1
Contains a Migration

Lets users make their own showcases, which are basically just "galleries" that hold items for display. Showcases are purely decorative and exist for users to show off items they have accumulated.

Users can customize their showcase, setting their own showcase image and description to show off their personality and create their own unique look.

Users can only showcase items that they have gotten from gameplay, no custom items or anything.

Credit to newt for the original shop features/pets&shops code, which I referenced heavily to enable multiple stock types and generally make the layouts nicer!

thanks to min for making the quick stock layout look nicer as well!

You can get a version of this extension that supports pet stock here: https://github.com/CH3RVB/lorekeeper/tree/showcase-pets Pets version supports variants as well as named pets


php artisan migrate, php artisan add-site-settings, php artisan optimize , php artisan update-extension-tracker Run these codes after installation and merge conflicts have been handled.


Admin side configuration:

  1. Set the number of allowed showcases from the admin site settings panel. This number is the maximum amount of showcases a user can make, it should probably be set to 1 (default) if you don't want things to get too crazy, but this ext is built to allow multiple to exist even when used by the same user.

Includes a lang file + compatibility to easily reskin how you want the name for the extension to appear. This file easily lets you change the names of frontfacing parts of the extension, so you could change "Showcase" to "Display" or something else simply by editing it.

You can find this file at resources/lang/en/showcase.php Please only edit the RIGHTMOST part of the code here, so 'shwocase' => 'New Word',. Thanks to Uri for the original idea/configuration guide!


Items or pets that are set to be non-transferrable can be stocked in showcases.

After installation, things are free to move on their own without admin moderation.


Please contact me if you find any bugs!

i'm SUPERCOOL in the lk server!


See it live on my site https://www.merlotarpg.com/showcases/showcase-index

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