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Scroll To Top
Description Tiny extension to add a "Scroll to top" button
Author(s) Preimpression
Status status stable
Github extension/scroll-to-top
LK Version release 2.0.0
Is part of LK v3.0.0's release

An absolutely tiny extension that uses javascript to produce a "scroll to top" button when not at the top of a page. It's a circle with the fontawesome double up arrows that rests in the bottom right of any page on your lorekeeper site that has the About/Terms/etc footer (that should be all of them!)


Pull or merge in branch. Go to config/lorekeeper/extensions.php and set to 1, then run php artisan config:cache to see changes.

Screenshot of user dashboard with the scroll to top button displayed.
Scroll to top button.


If you wish to change the display, the css (as well as html and javascript) is stored inside the widgets/_scroll_to_top.blade.php file.


Probably won't work for users who have all Javascript disabled - but then again, a lot of the site won't work for them either due to LK's usage of Javascript.


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