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Random Spotlight
Description Add a sidebar to your frontpage showing a random design!
Author(s) Speedy
Status stable
Github extension/random-spotlight-2.1
LK Version 2.1.0

You should be fine to use this extension while still on v2.1.0 and upgrading from there.

This extension adds a sidebar to your frontpage.. showing a random character from each of all of your site's species!

The purpose of this extension is basically to give users an easy way to find a character to make gift work for! :)

(Please note that characters will only be shown if they have at minimum "Please Ask" for either Gift Art or Gift Writing.)

This extension is built off of v2.1.0 and will not be updated for a higher LK version until v3.0.0's release. Thank you.


Pull the extension branch and push to your site. That's it!

Don't forget to run php artisan update-extension-tracker!


No configuration necessary.

However, if, for any reason, your main species is not id 1, please go to resources/views/frontpage/_sidebar.blade.php.

and look for species->id == 1 as well as species->id != 1 (on lines 5 and 6).

Change the 1 to the actual number of your main species.

This is not a requirement, but by default, the species with id 1 will be displayed openly, while the other species will be behind a closed accordion-styled collapse menu.


If you already have a sidebar on your frontpage, you may want to pass on this extension unless you are positive on how to edit it in yourself.

I will not provide support for conflicting extensions in this manner.


Create a new thread in the #general-help channel of the Discord!

You can always try tagging me (see my user page), as I'm semi-active on the server, but a new thread is your best bet.


Version History

  • 1.0.0: Initial creation.
  • 1.0.1: Removed code for Character Titles section- admittedly, forgot it was in there. You can re-add it with the code in the See Also section.
  • 1.0.2: Fix to collapse menus, with thanks to User:CH3RVB- it's set to id, so species with spaces or other changes will now also work.
  • 1.0.3: Hidden species is a dev branch or LK v3.0.0 feature. As such, this caused errors. My bad. =_=;;
  • 1.0.4: Turns out the default is to include past images. It's now filtered to latest only.

See Also

This extensions works well with Extensions:Character_Titles. (In fact, I may have previously forgotten to remove the code.. =_=;;..)

Simply add a new line at line 13 of resources/views/frontpage/_sidebar.blade.php and add the following code:

            <div class="small mb-1">
                @if(Settings::get('character_title_display') && $character->image->hasTitle)
                    {!! $character->image->title_id ? $character->image->title->displayNameShort : (isset($character->image->title_data['short']) ? nl2br(htmlentities($character->image->title_data['short'])) : nl2br(htmlentities($character->image->title_data['full']))) !!}

(This should be in between the section that has {!! $character->displayOwner !!} in it, and the section that has {{ $character->is_gift_art_allowed in it.)

This extension conflicts with Extensions:Featured_Character. But done right, you could add this extension alongside it.

Simply edit resources/views/welcome.blade.php to have both @includes for the sidebar in a single sidebar section. If you do not know how to do that, please do not attempt it.