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Polls and Forms
Description Allows you to host polls and short feedback forms on your lorekeeper site.
Author(s) Cylunny
Status testing
Github extension/polls-and-forms
LK Version 2.1.3
Contains a Migration

Allows you to create polls and feedback forms on site. You can also add a reward for users who submit the form/poll.


  • pull & deal with merge conflicts
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan optimize x2
  • php artisan update-extension-tracker


You should be good without configuring anything, as configuration is mostly in the poll creation itself. But for documentation, here are some options you have:

  • title
  • timeframe (how often can users submit the form/poll, eg. daily, monthly...)
  • description

You also have some toggles:

  • Set active (shows the form, or hides it)
  • Set anonymous (hides who gave what answer)
  • Set public (public = any user may see results, otherwise only mods can)
  • Set editable (allows users to edit their answer later)
  • Allow Likes (allows other users to like free text responses)
  • set timed form (sets the form to be open from/to a specific time)

You can add as many questions as you like, and they can either have pre-set options (poll) or a free text answer.


Create polls or forms from your admin panel under site->forms and polls. You can also view poll results there.


We are never 100% safe from those pesky bugs. If you find something, feel free to contact me- I am cylunny on discord or toyhou.se!


No images, but you can see them live on my own page:

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