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Pagination Page Selector
Description Allows for picking specific pages when there are too many.
Author(s) Speedy and Moif
Status stable
Github extension/Pagination-Page-Selector
LK Version 2.1.2
Is part of LK v3.0.0's release

This extension has been merged into the v3.0.0 branch as Pagination Page Selector.
This extension re-released for v2.1.x!
The GitHub link refers to a version EXCLUSIVELY for v2.1.x- if you're on v3.0.0 or above, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!

Allows for picking specific pages from the pagination, when there are so many not every page can show up!

Credits to Moif who cleaned up my abysmal JS code! I'm too rusty, apparently. XD


Pull the extension branch and push to your site. That's it!

This extension does not have a tracker, and will instead have a mention in your credits, under "Core Extensions".

Please note that this will cause a merge conflict once v3.0.0 releases, but that will be very easily fixed.


There is no configuration required for this extension.


Just click the '...' option to have the page select show up! Though that option will only show up if there is a large amount of pages- because otherwise each page can be selected anyway.

You can either scroll through a range or input a number! Just click Go to head for the page you want!


Create a new thread in the #general-help channel of the Discord!

You can always try tagging me (see my user page), as I'm semi-active on the server, but a new thread is your best bet.


Both images are sourced from Realm of Mynros, where the extension is already running.

Version History

  • *1: Initial creation- only a setup for others to modify their own pagination style.
  • *2: Hours of work to get it to work, on each individual pagination block!
  • *3: Cleanup- forgot a test line.
  • *4: Moif simplified the pagination code!
  • *5: Moif cleaned up the pagination code!

(This extension has never had a tracker update, and never will.)

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