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Sub Masterlists
Description Create additional masterlist pages with specific characters and species
Author(s) junijwi
Status testing
Github masterlist-sub
Contains a Migration


Please take care when resolving merging conflicts!! I would recommend backing up your site and database before beginning, testing on a local copy, and otherwise reading the Tutorial: Installing Extensions guide before moving forward. This isn't a complex extension, but it touches a lot of different locations of code and can be deceptively large in scope. It may cause many conflicts. I would encourage you to @ me in the discord server if you're not sure about a certain merge (which code to accept for merging), my contact information is below.

Pull the branch, push, and run php artisan migrate.

As a note, the only place this extension places sub masterlist links is in the new sidebar menu added to the masterlist section. If you want to add it to the navbar, make a submasterlist first, then add its link to the _nav.blade.php file located in resources\views\layouts.


When creating a sub masterlist, you can assign both categories or species to it. You can set the sub masterlist so that it ONLY shows up on the sublist (is excluded from the main masterlist).


As some examples for useage: Creating NPC masterlist, create an NPC character category. Create a sublist called NPC which has the NPC category, and turn 'show main' off. If you do not include species here, then it will have all species of any characters marked in the NPC category.

Creating a pets masterlist, create a pets character category. Create a sublist called pets which has the Pets category, and include all pet species. Turn 'show main' off and they should appear in the sublist but not in the main list.

You can use this as an easy sort to create species specific masterlists which are all still included in the main masterlist as well.


There are some quirks to this extension right now-- as I did not want to create an extra database table nor deal with potential overlap problems, each species and each category can only be assigned to ONE sub masterlist. Additionally, breadcrumbs only check for sublists linked to category, not species.

If anyone has any suggestions for improving upon this extension, please feel free to contact me!

Otherwise, feel free to @ me in the discord (Juni#0448) for any issues.

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