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Item Subcategory
Description Adds subcategories to items for organizational purposes
Author(s) CH3RVB
Status testing
Github extension/item-subcategory
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Add subcategories to items, alongside main categories. For example, an item can be classified as category Potion but also subcategory Trait Potion. These subcategories are mostly for organizational purposes and can't have their ability to be held or named by characters changed, it's dependent on their main category instead.

These subcategories have their own info pages like regular categories, can have images uploaded, and can have descriptions of their uses, etc.


Pull the branch, handle any conflicts, and

 php artisan migrate 


 php artisan optimize 

You might not need to optimize, but migration is a requirement to make the extension function.




As stated before, subcategories can't have their held/named status changed, you will still have to rely on this from the main categories of the items.


You can find me in the LK server as SUPERCOOL if you have any issues or questions!



You can find it in use on my site!

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