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Gift Art Notifications
Description Notify owners of gift submissions
Author(s) AnimatedCritter
Status stable
Github extension/gift-art-notifs
LK Version 2.1.0
Contains a Migration

Allows users to notify character owners when a character is included in a submission! When viewing a prompt/claim after creation, users can see if a character's owner will be/was notified of the submission.


Pull and merge the branch, making sure to address any merge issues.

Afterwards, run the following commands in your console:

php artisan migrate

php artisan update-extension-tracker


No configuration required, but you can optionally run php artisan send-initial-gift-alerts.

  • This will create a notification for each character that has potential gift submission(s).
  • Intended to be run only once, right when the extension goes live.
    • (*Technically* it can be run multiple times--but after the initial release, it doesn't provide much and gets spammy.)


I am no longer on Discord. Instead, please contact me through CritterCodes (https://crittercodes.neocities.org/). Thank you!


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