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Gift Art Notifications
Description Notify owners of gift submissions
Author(s) AnimatedCritter
Status stable
Github extension/gift-art-notifs
LK Version 2.1.0
Contains a Migration

Allows users to notify character owners when a character is included in a submission! When viewing a prompt/claim after creation, users can see if a character's owner will be/was notified of the submission.


Pull and merge the branch, making sure to address any merge issues.

Afterwards, run the following commands in your console:

php artisan migrate

php artisan update-extension-tracker


No configuration required, but you can optionally run php artisan send-initial-gift-alerts.

  • This will create a notification for each character that has potential gift submission(s).
  • Intended to be run only once, right when the extension goes live.
    • (*Technically* it can be run multiple times--but after the initial release, it doesn't provide much and gets spammy.)


If you are having any issues (or have suggestions to improve this extension) you can find me over on the Lorekeeper Discord server (AnimatedCritter#7094)!


Screenshot 20221030 062419.png
Screenshot 20221030 062559.png