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Fetch Quests
Description Adds fetch quests
Author(s) LostInProgres, CH3RVB
Status Stable
Github extension/fetch-quests
LK Version 2.1.1
Contains a Migration

Fetch quests. Generates a fetch quest every hour, by randomly selecting an item to be "fetched". Items can be rolled randomly from a chosen category, or from all items onsite. Users can complete this fetch quest by simply handing in the item on the fetch quest page, and get a reward for doing so.

Now supports multiple fetch quests on one site! It's not just one quest.

! 2.0 (current version) VERSION OF FETCH QUESTS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL VERSION.! Support has been only updated to the 2.0 version, which offers more ways to customize and use the ext. If you install 2.0 then you cannot use the old version alongside it and vice versa. Please be careful with updating and merging.


Pull the branch, handle any conflicts, and php artisan migrate,php artisan add-site-settings,php artisan optimize,php artisan update-extension-tracker


There are a few new modes of customization in the 2.0 version.

  1. Customize the look. Questgiver name, description, image. Flavor text.
  2. Cooldown. Set a cooldown (in minutes) on a specific quest by editing it.
  3. Global Cooldown. Edit fetch_timer_global in site settings to set if a timer is applied to all quests after completing one. For example, if fetch_timer_global is set to 1, if User A completes a Quest 1 with a timer of 10 min, then they cannot complete any other quests until 10 minutes have passed, even if there are multiple quests. Otherwise, it applies per-quest, so if fetch_timer_global is set to 0, then User A can complete other quests, but not Quest 1 until their timer has passed.
  4. Currency Reward. Set a minimum and maximum reward and currency to randomize between. If you only want to bother with a pure max and min then only adjust Minimum Reward (MIN) and Maximum Reward (MIN)
  5. Additional rewards. Can link items, loot tables, etc. Is set to be almost like a loot table itself, so if 4 rewards are set, it will randomize between those 4 rewards each time the quest has completed.
  6. Item category. If you would like to pick a specific category to randomize the requested item into instead of picking all items, then select a category and it will only select from there. Otherwise, it will select from all (released and transferrable) items onsite.
  7. Exceptions. Curate further what is picked for the requested item by setting item and category restrictions. Supports as many as you would like to add. If you select item A and category B then the item selection will specifically avoid item A and category B when selecting a randomized item.


No known errors.

Please contact me if you find any bugs!

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