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Extended Mentions
Description Adds options to mention
Author(s) Speedy
Status stable
Github SpeedyD/lorekeeper
LK Version 3.0.0 dev
Is part of LK v3.0.0's release

This extension has been merged into the v3.0.0 branch as Extended Mentions.
You will not be able to download this. This wiki page is only for referencing purposes.

Adds methods to mention users, user avatars, characters and character thumbnails, similar to mentioning gallery submissions!


As this extension is part of v3.0.0, you will want to perform any actions required to update properly. But there are no other installation steps otherwise.


There is no configuration required for this extension.


You can find the methods of mentioning characters on Character masterlist entries, on the new Mention tab on the side.

You can find the methods of mentioning users on User profile pages, next to the comments section.

There are some methods exclusive to administration.


Create a new thread in the #general-help channel of the Discord!

You can always try tagging me (see my user page), as I'm semi-active on the server, but a new thread is your best bet.


Version History

  • *1: Initial creation- added helpers for users and user avatars.
  • *2: Added helpers for character thumbnails.
  • *3: Added mention tab on character masterlist pages.
  • *4: Fixed character thumbnails.
  • *5: Added Mention This on user profiles.
  • *6: Added.. credits.
  • *7: Cleanup! So much.. cleanup.

(This extension has never had a tracker update, and never will.)

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