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Event Tools
Description Adds some small tools for running events.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Testing
Github extension\event-tools
LK Version 2.0.0

Adds some relatively lightweight tools for doing some fun stuff with extensions. As-is, it's built with the philosophy of doing as much as possible while not adding too much (for instance, it doesn't include migrations).


Additional site settings for:

  • Event currency (id)
  • Whether or not to track event currency earnings globally (in addition to tracking per user as usual)
  • A global goal for event "score", which can be disabled by setting it to 0


  • An event point tracking page displaying current event currency, and information about the current global total and progress toward the goal
  • This includes a progress bar-- code for an inverted progress bar (drains instead of fills, in the vein of an HP bar) is stored in the view, commented out
  • It also includes a an option to clear/zero-out all users' current event currency amount, in lieu of deleting + remaking the event currency. (In the vein of deleting an item, currency, etc. this is tucked within a confirmation modal, so no worries about clicking it accidentally to disastrous results.) Deleting currencies currently owned by users is consequently disabled, since it offers an alternate solution to the problem allowing that was endeavoring to solve.
  • Global tracking of event points. This is done by, when global tracking is enabled and a user would receive event currency through any means, also crediting it to the admin user specified via the admin_user site setting-- since the admin user should not be any given user's personal account/not a participant in any event. (This does not apply if the admin user acquires event currency directly, however, so that they are not double-credited.) Note that no automation is attached to reaching the set goal/any thresholds. Any rewards, etc. will need to be distributed through different means.
  • A text page for substitution into the user-facing event tracking page, for detailing an event with global point tracking.


  • An event tracking page, viewable when global point tracking is enabled, which displays the contents of the above page as well as listing the current event currency, global point total, and progress toward the goal if any (including progress bar; similarly, there is a commented-out inverse progress bar in the view).


After pulling the extension, run php artisan add-site-settings, php artisan add-text-pages, and php artisan update-extension-tracker.


Adjust settings in the site settings admin panel as necessary.


When running an event using a global point total, make sure to link your users to the event point tracking page!


Find me in the Lorekeeper discord if you have issues.


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