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Description Create interactable "encounters" users can be faced with
Author(s) CH3RVB, LostInProgres
Status stable + testing
Github extension\encounters
LK Version 2.1.2
Contains a Migration

Users can face "encounters" which are created by admins in the admin panel. Encounters are randomly rolled between "areas" which can hold multiple different encounters to be faced.

Each encounter has multiple prompts a user can pick from (made by admins) which can lead to different outcomes. Rewards can be given, as well as the user's exploration energy can be altered by an encounter.


Encounter in Cave

You stumble upon a glistening rock. What do you do?

  • >Pick up Rock
  • >Walk away
  • >Kick it

Maybe you want "Pick up Rock" to give a rock item, "Walk away" to do nothing, and "Kick it" to take away energy. All supported by the ext.

Includes a customizable overlapping image area designed by LostInProgres. For example, you can create a standard cave background for encounters in the cave area, and you can overlay an image of a glistening rock over top of it. You can position the encounter image over the background from the encounter page itself.


  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan add-site-settings
  • php artisan optimize
  • php artisan update-extension-tracker


NEW: Config file added. config\lorekeeper\encounters.php. Edit to change various functions of the ext. Right now it just dictates if encounters use characters, if currency should be used as energy, etc.

php artisan optimize after updating the file




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