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Design Update Voting
Description Adds the ability for staff with masterlist permissions to vote on pending design updates.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Testing
Github itinerare/lorekeeper-ext-archive/design-update-voting
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

This extension is now incorporated into modified-main . The information here is maintained as documentation, and further support is via that branch.

Note that this incorporates the changes in bootstrapTables !

Adds the ability for staff with the Manage Masterlist permission to vote on pending design updates and MYO submissions. Note that this doesn't actually process submissions either way, it is just intended to serve as a communication tool (since sometimes a drive-by "looks good" button press is more manageable for folk). The number of votes "required" is provided via an added site setting; the default is 3.

Specifically, it adds a card to the header of pending and approved design updates. Staff can only vote on pending updates, but the information remains displayed on approved design updates for the sake of archival. In the top right are buttons to vote to approve or reject, above which are displayed the current number out of the total required number of votes. The bottom half is given over to the lists of each sides' votes/voters, with usernames for the sake of record keeping. It also adds a display of the current votes in the admin queue/index displays.


Pull the branch; run

php artisan migrate


php artisan add-site-settings


If desired, change the number of votes requested in the "site settings" admin panel.


The voting panel will appear on pending design updates/MYO submissions. Staff can then click the voting buttons in the top right of it to cast their vote.


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