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Description Allows users to collect dailies/weeklies/monthlies/yearlies in the style of neopets with different settings!
Author(s) Cylunny
Status testing
Github extension/dailies
LK Version 2.1.3
Contains a Migration

Inspired by neopets, this extension allows you to set up dailies/weeklies/monthlies/yearlies for your users. The dailies are gathered on a page similar to the shop page where they can be visited and collected! You can choose between a button or a wheel daily. There is the option to also make button dailies progressable, eg. set rewards for x amount of days and have users progress their daily that way. For more detailed information on settings/configuration, read on below.


  • pull & deal with merge conflicts
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan optimize x2
  • php artisan update-extension-tracker


Pretty straight forward! There are no site settings or anything, dailies are simply created via the admin panel. The following things can be configured for each daily:

  • Name
  • Description (Optional)
  • Type (Button or Wheel)
  • Fee and Currency (Optional, if collecting the daily should cost a fee)

Other configuration options will show after creation, depending on the type of daily chosen!

Additional Options
  • Daily Timeframe (can users collect a reward daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?)
  • Progress Display (decide if users should see the progress of their daily or not. Can be hidden, shows collected rewards only, or shows all rewards.)
  • Set Active (if the daily is active/showing up for users)
  • Set Timed daily (use this if you would like the daily to start showing up/hide at certain times.)
Button Specifics
  • daily image (optional)
  • button image (optional, replaces the default 'Collect Reward' button)
  • Is Streak (if set to streak, the progress resets to day 1 if the users miss a day/week/month/year. If not set to steak, progress is always kept.)
  • Set Loop (if set to loop, a daily repeats. If not set to loop, users may only collect each reward once.)

Wheel Specifics
  • daily image (optional)
  • wheel image (to make pretty wheels! It is recommended to use an empty wheel with the segments you need as a blueprint as your art will need to be exact, lest wrong rewards may be distributed.)
  • stopper image (the little thing on top of the wheel)
  • background image (puts a background on the wheel)
  • wheel style: size, alignment, segment number and some text/color options


Per default these are items, currencies, loot tables or raffle tickets. You should be able to edit other extension rewards such as pets, awards or themes in here as well if you have those. Pick whatever you want users to gain! If you pick a loot table, the reward is rolled from the loot table, which is handy if you want randomized rewards.

Setting a reward step to 0 makes it a default reward that will be rolled for every step or segment number that does not have any reward explicitly set.


Go to the daily page, click the daily button or spin the wheel, be happy about rewards!


We are never 100% safe from those pesky bugs. If you find something, feel free to contact me- I am cylunny on discord or toyhou.se!

It has come to my attention that the ajax call for wheel dailies has failed before. Since it never happened to me personally I can only guess at a random connection issue, as it ran after a reload of the page. For now, the following alert will be thrown should this happen: "Woops- something went wrong! Please refresh the page and try again. If the error persists, please report it to the site owners!"


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