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Character TH Profile Link
Description Add a button on the ML entry for external profile pages such as ToyHouse.
Author(s) Junijwi
Status stable
Github character-THprofile-buttons
Contains a Migration

This extension creates a column on the character profiles database table to save a link. This link appears next to the bookmark button when active, and is hidden when not set. The link has a house fontawesome icon, and is similar in style to the bookmark button. Both the owner of a character and an admin can change the link in the character's profile settings page. The link itself appears on all character pages that load the header (the portion responsible for the character number, name, bookmark button, etc).


Pull the branch, push, and run php artisan migrate.

The character limit is set to 100 by default for the link field. Feel free to change it in the migration file before pushing + running the migration if you want it to be larger.


You may want to change the wording and placement of the button. That can be done at resources/views/character/_header.blade.php by changing the i class icon or the text (Profile). Move the entire section (lines 13-15 starting with @if($character->profile->link) and ending with @endif) if you want to move the button elsewhere.



Feel free to @ me in the discord (Juni#0448) for any issues.

See Also

Big thank you to user-link-addon . for essentially serving as a reference for how to do this :)