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Character Status Badges
Description Changes the display of the badges on a character's page
Author(s) Junijwi
Status stable
Github character-status-badges

This extension displays badges on a character's main page and profile page which show their trade and gift art status more clearly. These badges should appear above the BOOKMARK button.

IMAGE: the badge style

The badge uses fontawesome icons and is based off of the FTO badge html for displaying FTO status on a user's profile page.


NOTE: use character-status-badges . if you're using BASE lorekeeper. Install character-status-badges-merc . if you've installed merc's main lorekeeper updates as it includes a change to 'giftart' status to allow for 'ask'.

Pull the branch and push! This extension puts the badges ONLY on the character page and profile page (not in images, bank, etc). You can copy paste it into any character page you want.

Alternately, you can move the contents into the _header.blade.php file if you want it on every single page, but header is shared between both masterlist and MYO entries.

As a note, this extension seperates notifs at the top of the page (new news and messages) from the content of the page itself into TWO divs. The news div is on top, and the new div for content is given the relative position. This is to account for the badge's position with and without news.


Fontawesome.com is used for the icons, feel free to look for new icons custom to your site.

You can change the badge colors using the classes from bootstrap; replace "badge-success" and "badge-danger" with the bootstrap colors you want (primary, secondary, success, warning, danger, light, dark, etc).

You can also change the warning by changing the title=""; text in the style.



Feel free to @ me in the discord (Juni#0448) for any issues.

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Thank you to Merc for cleaning up the extension code!