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Character Genetic Data
Description Adds genetic data to Characters and MYOs.
Author(s) Pure09 (aka DeeP-ci)
Status tested locally
Github ext/v2/character-genetic-data
LK Version 2.x
Contains a Migration

Create and edit genes, then add them to characters and myos!

Genomes can either be secret, revealed only by specific items or manual staff intervention, or completely public.


Pull the github branch. Resove any conflicts then run the migrations, add-site-settings and update-extension-tracker.


By default, genomes are hidden and only the admin can see/edit them. This can be configured.

In order to allow users to see genomes regardless of their visibility, give their rank the power "view_hidden_genomes".

If you want genomes to not be hidden at all, change the site setting "genome_default_visibility" to 2. If you want them half-visible, set it to 1. By default, it is set to 0 (all genomes are secret).

There is an item tag called "Gene Reveal". It can be added to items to allow them to be spent on either partially or fully revealing a genome. The strength of the reveal can be configured.



No issues known. Ping @Pure09 on the lorekeeper discord for support if needed.


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