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Character Drops
Description Configurable items from characters at set intervals
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable
Github extension/character-drops
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Adds the ability to set up "drops" of items attached to characters at set intervals.

Admin Interface

Drops are configured first per species (each species may only have one instance of drop data). From there, you can specify groups into which characters can be either randomly or deliberately sorted; random rolling can be weighted in the same vein as rewards from loot tables. You can also specify how often drops should occur, both in frequency (number) and interval (hour/day/month/year). Drops can also be toggled active/inactive.

Items may have either a range or a set quantity, and can be set at the species level for each group, and/or at the subtype level for each group. You can set one item for each of these-- so a character can produce a maximum of 2 types of items, though the quantity can be whatever you so desire.

Drop data may also be given a 'name', per species/drop data, that displays instead of 'drops' on the user interface.

The ability to set a character's group on creation (for species with drop data) is also included.

User Interface

Characters of species with set drop data have a new section added to their sidebar (drops). They also have their group display in image information alongside their species if the species has more than one possible group.

The drop interface itself displays what item(s) the character can drop, how many they can drop (displaying either a range or static number as appropriate) and at what interval (per (frequency) (interval), omitting frequency if it is one-- i.e. 'per month' vs 'per 2 months'). It also displays how many batches of drops the character has available to collect, and when the next batch will become available (assuming the character can produce drops of some sort).

Dropped items are credited directly to the collecting user-- the character's owner's-- inventory with appropriate source (collected from (character)) and note (the timestamp for when the item(s) were collected).

This page also features an admin modal for setting a character's group and the number of drops currently available to collect.


Pull the branch and run php artisan migrate, as well as php artisan update-extension-tracker.


Character drops can be configured via admin panel.



Find me in the Lorekeeper server if you encounter any issues.


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