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Converts a number of the tables on the site into bootstrap-style div "tables." There are still a number of tables that haven't been converted yet - some of which I'm leaving until I have a better handle on making sure they still function well. I am always open to PRs for making them look better, etc!

Bootstrap Tables
Description Convert tables into bootstrap divs
Author(s) Preimpression
Status stable
Github bootstrapTables


Pull the branch to your repo and merge it in. Make sure to check for code conflicts, especially if you have other extensions or have edited anything.


There is no special configuration beyond installation.


Most locations on LK that are tables (such as the user list) etc are now bootstrap. Customize as you will - add "d-none d-md-block" to the class of particular divs if you would prefer they not show on mobile or small screens.

Bootstrap Tables also has my little "pretty_date" helper bundled in. This changes the format_date() method of displaying dates into a more easily readable human view. Note that it does round in a weird way, due to the way Carbon handles diffForHumans(). I'm still looking into figuring out how to have it say, for example, "1 week and 3 days" instead of just "1 week".


If anything goes wrong, let me know on Discord in the LK server! I'm Uri there.

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