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Description Create and scatter lore documents throughout your world!
Author(s) CH3RVB
Status testing
Github extension/books
LK Version 2.1.1
Contains a Migration

Admins can make designated "Books", which can hold documents called "Volumes". (Like assigning a category.) Books can help group up designated parts of lore, but aren't required.

The contents of volumes are hidden from users until the volumes are unlocked by the user after using an item tag. After the user uses the tag for the respective volume, they unlock that volume and can see what it contains from the "library."

Admins must make books and volumes from the admin panel, then assign them to an item.

NEW: Added global volumes. If this setting is turned on for a volume, if even one person owns it, every other user will be able to see its entry in the library. Turn this setting on if you want to have a collaborative effort with discovering the world together!


php artisan migrate,php artisan optimize,php artisan update-extension-tracker


Includes a lang file + compatibility to easily reskin how you want the name for the extension to appear. This file easily lets you change the names of frontfacing of the extension, so you could change "Book" to "Manuscript" or something else simply by editing it.

You can find this file at resources/lang/en/volumes.php Please only edit the RIGHTMOST part of the code here, so 'book' => 'New Word',. Thanks to Uri for the original idea/configuration guide!



Please contact me if you find any bugs!

i'm SUPERCOOL in the lk server!


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