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Birthday Rewards
Description Automatically "gift" players an item for their birthday!
Author(s) CH3RVB, Moif (original code)
Status stable
Github extension/birthday-reward
LK Version 2.1

On the 1st of every new month, autogrants all users who have birthdays in that month an item you set in site settings. This item is static between all users. Set it to a box if you want users to have multiple items!

The original code snippet is by Moif, edited by me! Thanks also to Mercury for some tweaks and suggestions to the ext! Please support them and their projects if you like what they are doing for Lorekeeper and their own personal projects!

NEW: Creates a notification upon grant of the item for all users who got the gift.


php artisan add-site-settings, php artisan update-extension-tracker


Make sure to set the item that will be granted through site settings. (It's set as 'birthday_item') Otherwise the item that will be granted will be ID 1 by default.

If you are installing this for the first time, you'll probably want to run php artisan distribute-birthday-rewards just once to distribute the gifts for that month's users. After that, you should be good to leave it running on its own.


This adds new options to user birthdays, allowing for showing months of users' birthdays both publicly and only to members of the site.

Only users who have their birthdays visible in some form will be able to receive the reward.


There have been some known bugs, but they've been patched out. Please let me know if there are any that I missed!

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