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Alternate Character View
Description Adds the ability to adjust the character view depending on if an image has a larger height or width
Author(s) moif
Status stable
Github AW0005/lorekeeper-extensions/extension/alt-character-view
LK Version 2.1.3
Contains a Migration

Adds an attribute on character images that will measure for the longest side of a character image (and store it for efficiency) to allow for alternate displays on the character image pages.


  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan add-site-settings


longest side default There's a new site setting called "default_side" that lets you pick what the extension defaults to when it comes across an image that is square. It can default to "square" or "width" or "height" as specified on the site settings description.

Using the attribute By default this extension only uses the measurement in "resources/views/character/character.blade.php" to adjust the classname for the column width the image takes up so that wide images take up the whole width, and long images take up the same as default lorekeeper. If you want more complex adjusted views, you'll have to do that yourself.


I'm (moif) pretty much chronically in the LK server so I'll see any questions there!