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Alias Logins
Description Allows the usage of Auth Alias' as stand-in for passwords for logging in and registering
Author(s) moif
Status stable
Github AW0005/lorekeeper-extensions/extension/alias-logins
LK Version 2.1.0
Contains a Migration

Adds the ability to allow users to login or register accounts via the same OAuth2 mechanism previously used for Aliases. Does require configuration updates to the Aliases you turn it on for, please see below for details.

This does not currently support tumblr.


  1. Pull the extension, deal with conflicts
  2. php artisan migrate
  3. php artisan optimize
  4. In "config/lorekeeper/sites.php" update the login field to 1 for the auths you wish to use.
  5. For each of those Auths you will need to refer back to their setup instructions ( [Social Media Authentication] ) and make sure that you update any redirect link lists to also include "https://your-site.com/login/callback/provider-name" and "https://www.your-site.com/login/callback/provider-name" making sure to swap out for your site name and the provider name (toyhouse, deviantart, etc) for each one as appropriate.
  6. If you want to use twitter specifically, where you used the API key and secret before as described in Auth: Twitter you'll need to get the client id and secret instead, from the "User authentication settings" in your app on the twitter developer portal, and replace those in your .env file.

If you add the same url, but with the url for your local testing environment, you should be able to test this locally too.


IMPORTANT Any existing users that want to make use of this feature will need to remove their existing aliases and re-add them for the ones that allow login. This is because the extension uses a more unique id snowflake from each service to identify users than what was stored prior for aliases.