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Description Create an affiliate table to 'link' up your site with others.
Author(s) Preimpression
Status Testing
Github extension/affiliates
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

This extension was built using Develop and therefore requires Laravel 8.

Just like affiliates in old forums (and somewhat like affiliates in Deviantart), set up affiliates between your site and others! This extension, once enabled, allows guests and users alike to submit applications to affiliate with your site. Admins can approve affiliate requests and even set some as Featured (also known as Sister Sites).


  • Pull the affiliates branch and merge it into your main branch
  • Run php artisan migrate
  • Run php artisan add-site-settings
  • Run php artisan copy-default-images
  • Run php artisan update-extension-tracker

(( Note: copying default images may overwrite your existing images uploaded via Site Images unless you've overwritten the image files in data/images. ))


You will need to enable affiliate requests in the Site Settings page.

You can set the Default Site Affiliate Image (used if the site you're affiliating with doesn't have an image for whatever reason) and your own site affiliate image in the Site Images page.

This adds a new power: You must add it to your applicable moderator roles.


Displays on the dashboard and logged-out-page. Featured affiliates always show while regular affiliates will randomize based on refresh. They should never repeat and featured sites shouldn't be included in the randomized affiliates.

Note that you will manually have to open the affiliate queue!


No known bugs currently.

See Also

Discord: Uri#2154

Please let me know if you set this up so I can see it in action and maybe apply! :)