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The configuration files are files in the site’s code that allow customization of certain features that are highly unlikely to be changed on a regular basis.


These files are located in config/lorekeeper. The following files may be edited to configure an individual site:

  • settings.php
  • extensions.php
  • sites.php

The others should not be touched except when adding new features. A possible exception may be made for admin_sidebar.php in the event that you are rearranging the sidebar contents. However, please take care in this case to maintain syntax as well as sidebar items.



This file lists some basic site settings that are unlikely to change once the site is in use, and therefore should be modified before all else. The following properties can be modified here:

  • Site Name
  • Character Codes (formatting)
  • Masterlist Thumbnail Dimensions
  • Trade Asset Limit

Please refer to the comments in the file itself for a complete description of each setting.


This file lists settings to enable and disable as well as configure certain opt-in extensions integrated into Lorekeeper. For more information, see Updating: to 2.0.0.


This file lists various sites and values for them and is used to enable/disable available authentication options as well as assist with formatting. For more information, see Updating: to 2.0.0.


This file lists form fields and information for inclusion in the group currency form. For more information, see Galleries.


This file lists extensions installed on an individual Lorekeeper site and is used to supply information for the php artisan update-extension-tracker command. It should only be modified by extension authors. For more information, see Updating: to 2.0.0.


This file lists the links in the admin panel sidebar, as well as the staff power required to view the category of links.


This file lists the files that will appear in the image uploader section of the admin panel.


This file lists item tags that are available to attach to items. Please refer to Tutorial: Creating Item Types for how to use this file.


This file lists notification types as well as their message texts.


This file lists staff powers that can be attached to user ranks.


This file lists text pages that are generated during setup and cannot be deleted from the admin panel.

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