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Bookmarks are a feature that can be used to keep track of characters and MYO slots owned by other users privately. Other users including staff members are not able to view or modify bookmarks.


Any visible character or MYO slot can be bookmarked from its page. The "Bookmark" button located in the right side of the character's name header can be clicked to bring up a creation modal.

Created bookmarks can be managed from the Character Bookmarks page, which is accessible from the Bookmarks link from the user dropdown on the far right side of the navigation bar. This page allows you to edit and delete bookmarks, and additionally features a mode to hide character thumbnails for a more condensed version of the page. Each bookmark also displays the character's name (with a link to the page), its species, rarity, current owner, and current trade/gift art and writing statuses.

(2.0.0) Bookmarks can also be sorted by character number, by character age, sale value, species, trade status, gift art status, and gift writing status.


Bookmarks have the following properties:

  • Notify me when…
    • Open For Trades status changes
    • Gift Art Allowed status changes
    • Gift Writing Allowed status changes (2.0.0)
    • Character's owner changes
    • A new image is uploaded
  • Comment (No HTML, 500 characters maximum)

The Notify me when… settings each represent whether a notification will be sent to you when the respective change occurs. All of these settings are optional.

Open For Trades/Gift Art Allowed/Gift Writing Allowed settings change whenever the user or a staff member edits the settings. Note that since these are editable by the character's owner themselves, they may change frequently, resulting in a lot of notifications.

The Character's owner changes when a character is transferred (voluntarily or forced by a staff member) or traded to another user. It does not send a notification when a new user registers for the site and has their existing characters credited to them.

A new image is uploaded when a staff member adds a new image to a character, a design update for a character is successfully approved, or a MYO slot's design is approved.

The Comment is entirely optional and provides a space to make a small note regarding the character. As bookmarks are completely invisible to any user other than the bookmarking user, the owner will not be able to see this comment.

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