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Sales are a form of text post that can be used to alert all users to on-site sales, i.e. of adoptables, added in 2.0.0. They can be edited in the admin panel by users with the Edit Text Pages power.


Sales posts can be created in the admin panel and viewed on the sales page. The sales page lists sales posts ordered by newest first. When a new post is made, all users will gain an alert at the top of every page notifying them of the new post. This alert disappears when the sales page is viewed.

Sales posts can be scheduled to post at certain times. Note that this posting is handled via crontab scheduling, and therefore may not be entirely accurate to the minute.


Sales posts have the following properties:

  • Title
    • The title of the sales post.
  • Post Time
    • Optional. Schedules the post to be posted after a certain date/time. If not set, the sales post will be posted immediately.
  • Post Content (accepts HTML)
    • The content of the news post itself. HTML is allowed. The File Manager can be used to upload images to be inserted into sales posts if desired.
  • Is Open
    • Whether the sales post is labeled (in the title) as "Open" or "Closed". This is entirely cosmetic. If Comments Open At is set and in the future, and the post is set as open, the the sales post will be labeled "Preview" instead of "Open".
  • Comments Open At
    • Optional. A time at which comments on the post become visible to users. If this is set, comments on the post will be hidden from users without editing permissions until the set time. Users with permissions, meanwhile, can see comments and may perform any needed set-up for a sale.


Characters can also be attached to sales posts, allowing for easy formatting and display of per-character sale information. Characters attached to sales have the following properties:

  • Character Code
    • The code of the character being attached. On entering this, the rest of the fields will appear.
  • Sale Type & Associated Information
    • The type of sale/conditions under which the character is available.
    • Different fields appear depending on which sale type is selected, e.g. price for a flatsale.
  • Notes
    • Optional. Any brief notes about the character that are useful to display.
  • Link
    • Optional. A link to where the character may be bought, bid on, etc.
  • Is Open
    • Whether or not the individual character is open. Characters can be set closed independent of the sales post if it is open, but if the overall sales post is set closed, all characters attached are displayed as closed.

Sales posts with attached characters are divided into separate sections (header, followed by character(s), followed by the standard body of the sales post). Each attached character is displayed in its own section, with sale type and info alongside info about the character, such as species and rarity. In the interest of archival, the character's first available/visible image is used in the event that a character receives design update(s) after being sold. If there is only one character associated with a sales post, the full image rather than thumbnail is displayed as well as the character's traits.

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