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Loot tables are used to randomise rewards during distribution. They can be edited in the admin panel by users with the Edit World Data power and are the only type of world data that cannot be publicly viewed.


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Loot tables must be created before they can be distributed as a reward.

After they have been created, they can be attached to the following:

  • Prompt rewards
  • Box type items
  • Another loot table

Loot tables can be nested, chaining multiple loot tables to form a complex item selection system. Nesting many loot tables is not recommended, however, and care must be taken to avoid creating an infinite rolling loop.

Upon claiming the reward (having a prompt approved, or opening a box type item) the final reward will be rolled accordingly. Each loot table will select only ONE (1) of the rewards attached to it.


Loot tables require the following:


This is the name used to identify the table internally. This name will only be shown in the admin panel when editing rewards; users will not be able to see this name, so it is recommended to make it descriptive to make loot table selection easier.

Display Name

This is the name that users will see, if a random reward will be given as a prompt reward. Users without the appropriate power are not able to see the rewards of a loot table as well as the odds, so you may want to choose a name that's appropriately cryptic depending on how transparent you would like to be about the rewards. (e.g. "A Random Prize" vs. "Item A OR Item B")


Under this section, you can choose the rewards that can be given out through this table. The following loot types can be selected:

  • Item
  • Currency
  • Loot table
  • None (no reward given)

Additionally, you can specify the quantity and rolling weight.

Quantity is fairly straightforward, giving a fixed amount of the item or currency selected. In the case of loot tables, it rolls the loot table that number of times. For example, if you selected Loot Table A with a quantity of 2, it would roll Loot Table A 2 times, rather than once and double the reward.

Weight represents the likelihood of the reward being selected. This is not a percentage (which is calculated in the Chance column) and does not have to add up to 100, although that may make it easier to keep track of.

Test Rolling

The loot table editing page provides a feature to generate test results for a loot table. Note that if the loot section has been edited, it must be saved beforehand for the changes to take effect. Additionally, if "None" is selected as a possible reward type, it will not show up as a result (so fewer results than rolls selected may be generated in this case).

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