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Status Effects
Description Adds support for character status effects.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Testing
Github extension/status-effects
LK Version 2.0.0
Contains a Migration

Adds support for status effects attached to characters, with configurable labels that can escalate depending on the severity (quantity) of the effect. This builds on expanded character rewards; status effects can be rewarded directly to characters or rolled on loot tables (when the loot table is being rolled for a character directly.)


Status effects have the following qualities:

  • Name
  • Image (Optional)
  • Description (Optional)
  • Varying severity labels (Optional)

Two item tags are included. One, the "cure" tag, removes a status effect from a character the user selects by a configured amount. Another, the "buff" tag, adds a configured amount of a status effect to a character the user selects.

Status effects are displayed on characters in a format akin to the bank, including logs and logging.

Conditional Loot Table Rows

Additionally, loot tables have the option of conditional rows which check for a quantity of a set status effect based on configured criteria. There is also the option to provide rows which are added to the table if no conditions are met. These are used exclusively when rolling a loot table directly for a character, as this allows checking for status effects on that specific character.


  • Ensure character reward expansion is enabled in config/lorekeeper/extensions.php; adjust the default recipient if desired
  • Run php artisan migrate and php artisan update-extension-tracker


Create status effects, adjust loot tables, etc. as desired.


Ensure that any rolls which are intended to reward or be dependent on status effects are rolled for a specific character. Status effects will not be considered for or rewarded to users.


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