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Staff rewards
Description A short description
Author(s) itinerare
Status stable
LK Version 3.0
Is part of LK v3.0.0's release

This extension has been merged into the v3.0.0 branch as Staff Rewards.

Adds an optional (configurable/toggleable in config/lorekeeper/extensions.php) extension that can automatically reward a configurable amount of a chosen currency to a staff member on them performing an action for which rewards are enabled.


Must be turned on in config/lorekeeper/extensions.php in order to be used.


Actions enabled for rewards are configured via different files in config/lorekeeper/staff-reward-actions, with each file corresponding to a different overall action (e.g. "process submission" for accepting/rejecting submissions and claims) for which staff should receive rewards. Rewards can only be dispensed for a specific action once and are broadly configured for only things that are one-time such as processing things through queues.

The amount of currency given to a staff member for performing each action can be configured via the staff rewards admin panel, accessible only to the admin rank; this also is populated via the config files via a command (php artisan update-staff-reward-actions) which can be run manually, but also runs daily via scheduler.


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