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Shop Features
Description Makes shops a little more useful!
Author(s) Ne-wt
Status Testing
Github shop-features
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration

Features Included

Shop Features adds a number of useful additions to shops:

  1. Makes it possible to create "Staff" or "FTO" only shops
  2. Makes it possible to limit shop access to only users with a particular item
  3. Adds a "Coupon" tag for items so that coupons can be used with shops
  4. Moves Shop Stock options into a modal for a more compact Shop Stock editing experience
  5. Adds a "Stock Type" option to stock (useful alongside other extensions or further customization)
  6. Adds ability to limit an item to FTO purchase only
  7. Adds ability to limit the amount of stock an item has and to automatically restock the item on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly schedule
  8. ** New ** : Adds the ability for items with a purchase limit, to have that limit only apply on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime (default) basis.


Pull and run

  1. php artisan migrate
  2. php artisan add-site-settings
  3. php artisan optimize


To make coupons, make your item then edit it. Scroll down to the add tag area, and select 'Coupon'.

To add shop entry requirements, make your shop, edit, and scroll to 'add requirements'.

To allow coupons, when creating/editing your shop enable the coupon toggle.



Please contact me @ Newt#7776 on discord if there are any issues