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Sellable Characters (Adopt Center)
Description Allows admins to sell characters for onsite currency
Author(s) ne-wt
Status WIP
Github sellable-charas
LK Version Unspecified
Contains a Migration


Special thank you to Uri (Preimpression) who not added many desirable features and helped with development! Please consider donating to their ko-fi!



Pull the branch and run php artisan migrate and php artisan add-site-settings


To make the 'calculate worth by traits' functional for your own needs, you must edit areas in the 'App\Http\Controllers\Admin\SurrenderController' and 'App\Http\Services\SurrenderManager'.

It has been commented to make it easier.

Make sure to turn it on in settings.


Allows admins to add characters owned by the "admin" account to an adopt center to be bought for currency


Contact me @ Newt#7776 in the lorekeeper discord if any issues arise

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